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10 December 2018


7.2 Donation Acceptance Policy

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Green School Board of Management

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All Green School Community

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Executive Director of Green School Foundation

Policy Statement

As a non-for-profit organization, philanthropy and giving is at the heart of the mission of Green School Foundation (GSF). Back in 2008, there were less than 90 students, but providing scholarships and opportunities for the local Balinese community was central to this vision.

Ten years on, philanthropy and giving helps our non-profit school ensure we can continue to deliver our mission to more communities and create more sustainable impact and enriching learning experiences to make our world more sustainable.


This policy applies to all donations that come to the Green School Foundation (GSF).


Transparency in the use of donor funds is essential to the credibility of our foundation. The efficient and effective use of donor money, for the purpose for which it is given is our commitment to our donors. Ensuring that we do not accept money for initiatives which we do not believe we can deliver on or for reasons that are not aligned with our philosophies or values is a further commitment. Donations are not commercial arrangements. Gifts from corporate bodies for specific programs may be considered to provide a fair and approved benefit to the corporation. As such the provision of funds may be classified as a sponsorship rather than a donation, with the appropriate implications.

All donations must be paid into, and administered through,
the Green School Foundation


Along with monetary funding, Green School Foundation (GSF) is also open to accept in-kind support towards our programs from mainly corporations/organizations. GSF is open to receiving corporate sponsorships, to support funding of GSF main programs.

Values: Environmental sustainability is a core organizational value and mission for GSF. Therefore, we look for the same when looking at partnership and sponsorship opportunities. GSF will evaluate when accepting an opportunity from these parties, whether or not we are compromising any of our core values.

Compatibility: We look for individuals, corporations and organizations who fully support GSF and its values,  in our use of their gift.

Public Relations: GSF carefully looks for harm in accepting gifts that can potentially damage the reputation of our organization, on a case by case basis.

Primary Benefit: GSF will ensure that it benefits the most out of any monetary/in-kind sponsorships, as a first principle. ‘Givers’ may not be entitled to receive privilege in School decisions, or in any other way unduly influence the strategies or operations of the School on account of their gift.

Form of Gift: GSF will evaluate whether or not accepting a gift will incur substantial expense or difficulty. A gift may not be accepted where it is determined that in accepting the gift, the School will face substantial challenges in delivering on certain obligations..

Effect on Future Giving: With transparency of donations rigorously adhered to, GSF will evaluate whether or not the gift will encourage or discourage future gifts.

All decisions to solicit and/or accept potentially controversial gifts will be made by the Executive Director, and Board of Trustees. The primary consideration will be the impact of the gift on the organization.


Giving Platforms

  1. The Green School Foundation Website
  2. Active Annual Fundraising Campaign Platform (usually on Crowdrise)
  3. Direct donation at the school through the accounting office
  4. Bamboo Pole Sales at the school through the accounting office
  5. Wire Transfers/Checks to both to our US and Indonesian bank accounts

GS Programs Requiring Support

While local scholarships consistently need financial support, the Green Projects Bank is a new, key program that will need funding in order for GSF to create sustainable impacts locally and globally. The Green Projects Bank will in the future manage funding to appropriate programs in the school that need extra financial support.

United States 501(c)3 Donors

Any donors in the United States wishing to claim their tax deductible can donate through Green School Bali registered Chase account.

Accepted Payments: Wire transfer, checks sent to currently registered addresses in New York.

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