Environmental School


As environmental concerns are rising worldwide, along with the need to provide students with a safe and healthy learning environment, learning for sustainability is an important component of education for everyone. Unfortunately, sustainability rarely takes a significant role in school learning. Furthermore, few professional development opportunities for teachers mean that they lack the skills to teach sustainability in their classrooms.


We work with local public schools to create environmental sustainability projects via mentorship, professional development, in-kind support, skills-based collaborations and learning from each other.


We facilitate local teachers in learning and understanding environmentally sustainable teaching methods through seminars, workshops, and mentorship. We also collaborate with the Green Educator Course to provide opportunities for local educators to engage in sustainability-focused education using a comprehensive framework that emphasizes teachers, curriculum, and the learning process within the classroom.

Program Purpose:

Support the acceleration of local school projects and teacher training in Indonesia that are focused on sustainability - in coordination with Indonesia’s Merdeka Curriculum.

Program Goals:

  • Support Merdeka Belajar Curriculum projects enhancing environmental sustainability awareness with schools
  • Build a relationship and partner with the Department of Education to work with local schools on developing environmental sustainability projects and learning opportunities
  • Connect, co-inspire, and empower schools and students to embrace sustainable lifestyles, becoming a model for others across Indonesia
  • Empowering teachers to pass on values of environmental stewardship, responsibility, and innovation to their students.


Project-based collaborations between local schools, Green School students, and teachers

Funding support (in-kind and monetary) for school's environmental projects

A platform to allow knowledge sharing

A catalog of deliverable environmental project ideas

A short and long-term plan of action for each school collaboration